It all began with a private guesthouse ... before it got famous being the 

"... Hotel with the round shaped four-poster beds"

It all started with a dream ...

"On these rocks I'm gonna build my castle", said Peter Netzer as he was still a little boy. A vision, to become reality many years later with his wife Gudrun ... hundreds of drill holes reaching over 5 meters in depth, were needed for the blasting. These holes were all drilled by Peter Netzer himself to remove gravel and loose rocks ...
  • 1970 starting with drilling operations und controlled detonation
  • 1973 completion of the guesthouse "Netzer" with 7 guest rooms
  • 1980 extension to the building with the first indoor swimming pool – guesthouse was named: "Hallenbad – Cafe – Netzer"
  • 1988 grand extension with new guestrooms, restaurant etc. At the building site big rock crystals were found so the Hotel was named Hotel Bergkristall (Rock Crystal)
  • 1991 construction of the "Tower"
  • 1993 new entrance to the indoor swimming pool
  • 1994 extension of the "Tower" to form an exclusive hotel suite (tower suite), construction of the first elevator
  • 1999 extension of the kitchen
  • 2003 reconstruction due to a fire in the hotel
  • 2004 new access road to the hotel and covered parking space for cars were built
  • 2006 construction of a 300 kw district heating system for the hotel
  • 2008 "Stöbli" was teared down (ehemaliges Frühmesshaus)
  • 2009 grand reconstruction and extension of the Hotel Bergkristall
  • 2010 construction of a wine cellar
  • 2011 construction of a whiskey cellar and a new rest room in the spa area
  • 2012 2015 constant improvemental constructions to mantain high quality