Environmentally conscious holidays

Hotel Bergkristall in Silbertal
Many only talk about environmentalism and what to do.
We do live environmental protection on a daily basis.

Example 1: Wood rather than oil
2009 we have replaced our old oil heating system with a modern and much more efficient wood pellets heating system. That's how we can save over 60.000 Liters of fuel annually and have a much better impact on our planet.

Beispiel 2: Electricity due to photovoltaic

In Autumn 2019 we have newly installed a photovoltaic system that covers our extensive roof area to convert sunbeams into electricity. At peak times it can produce up to 71 kW. The majority of the generated electricity is used right away for our building.

Beispiel 3: Conversion of heating pumps

To transport heated water reliable and efficient, a great number of pumps are used. Adapting to energy saving pumps over time, can save a lot of resources and prevents the waste of energy

Beispiel 4: Modern BUS System 

BUS System regulates and optimizes required heating demand.

Your contribution to an environmentally friendly journey with public transportation is rewarded with a free Pick-Up-Service at the train station in Schruns and a voucher worth 20,00 € that you can redeem on your rented ski or hiking equipment at the Schneesportschule Silbertal or Intersport Montafon Silbertal. We would love to pick you up personally and take you back to the train station after your relaxing holidays in Silbertal. If you would like to get here by your own vehicle, we would appreciate your feedback, to be able to adjust and improve our offers in the future.