Playing Golf

Improve your handicap - in good and bad weather.

Indoor golf course:

If the weather is not ideal for golfing on the course, but you would still like to swing the club, you can try the indoor golf simulator in the Hotel Bergkristall.

You can expect a high-quality, modern facility that offers realistic golf course scenes. The screen is particularly high-resolution and the simulator offers you sophisticated technology.

Let yourself be inspired by this unique new development and look forward to unlimited gaming fun!

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Hardware components are state of the art.

Measurement of the ball flight data:
Exact measurement data are crucial for the degree of reality of a golf simulator. The 3-D ball flight measurement technology is based on a completely new stereoscopic camera sensor system in the front roof area. Thanks to this revolutionary sensor technology, the player can play the golf ball from any point, the teeing area, and track it with twenty times more accuracy.

Golf - swing analysis with the third camera:
Although the accuracy of the 3D ball flight measuring system is many times superior to conventional sensor solutions, we have a third camera in the game, and this is also unique. This third camera is right above the player. Industrial image processing software delivers the exact data of the club movement in a fraction of a second. For the first time, even very good golfers can recognize the smallest deviations from the ideal values.

Whether training, lessons or golf game! Our golf simulator gives you the unique feedback that you need if you want to analyze even the finest nuances of your golf swing or train in a targeted manner.

Image projection with real image quality:
Something else will positively surprise you! Our golf simulator is the first golf simulator to project golf landscapes in real image quality. And if you take the image size into account, even in HIGH DEFINITION. Thanks to this outstanding image quality, every golf game in the simulator becomes a very special gaming experience that cannot be compared with conventional golf simulations. With larger image sections, i.e. where normal golf simulators only project pixel dots, our simulator still delivers razor-sharp details. The unique integration of real images in the simulation software enables us to achieve the level of reality of a postcard.

Projection screen:
The highly flexible fabric of the first layer reduces the noise generated by the hitting golf balls. The glitter-like coating of the screen fabric enables the reproduction of high-resolution pictures without disturbing Moree effects and also ensures the recognized brilliant picture quality. The second textile shell brings about a significant improvement in the contrast ratio and supports the first shell in reducing the high kinetic forces of hitting golf balls. The third shell also supports the first two and ensures an even reduction in force and prevents premature wear of the first two textile shells.

The data from the sensors are processed in a few thousandths of a second so that the simulation of the ball flight can take place in "real time" (without any visible delay). The result is a golf simulation quality that has never been seen before. We currently offer fifteen of the most beautiful golf courses in the world with HIGH RESOLUTION image quality

Operation via touchscreen:
The operation is very simple and takes place via a 17 "touchscreen. The operating menu is very clear and self-guided and can be selected in all languages ​​(e.g. German).

Introductory prices
08:00 to 00:00 - Euro 30 per hour

Block of 10 Euro 270, -

Players of the Montafon Golf Club receive a 10% discount
For two, an 18 hole game takes about 2 hours. The prices always apply to the simulator and not per person (4 people can use the simulator at the same time)

Right next to the simulator we have a seminar room that can be reached via a large sliding door. The seminar room offers space for approx. 60 people and would also be suitable for training courses, events, award ceremonies, etc. (price on request)

Reservations can be made via:

oder Tel. 05556 74114
oder Mobil 0660 3568970

Familie Netzer
Hotel Bergkristall
A-6782 Silbertal

Golf in the Montafon:

The Montafon also has a lot to offer for fans of golf - the famous Montafon Golf Club is just 6 km from the Hotel Bergkristall in Vorarlberg. The 9-hole golf course offers ideal conditions for unlimited golf fun. It doesn't matter whether you are an inexperienced beginner in golf or you have already mastered the right tactics with a golf club.

Thanks to the varied design of the golf course with a few short holes and the 552-meter-long and thus longest fairway in western Austria, the course inspires almost every golf lover.

Other golf courses in the vicinity are the Partennen Golf Club and the Braz Golf Club.

You can of course also take part in appropriate golf courses at the PGA golf school and thus improve your skills. The golf school also offers taster courses.